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Featured Sales Tool: PrepWork

January 6th, 2013 · 1 Comment · Sales Presentations

Sales Graphics recommends PrepWork Sales Tool

Here at Sales Graphics we spend most of our time talking to sales teams and thinking about building a presentation tool that help companies grow year after year.

That's why when we spotted PrepWork we decided to spread the word. This free online startup takes frantic last-minute Googling out of the equation when it comes to meeting people for the first time. Whether it's a new prospect or a peer at a conference, all you have to do to get prepared is check your email.

PrepWork gathers information about the people on your agenda so you know not just what you're talking about, but who you're talking to. All it takes is a quick signup, a few profile connections, and the service works for you in the background.

In just two clicks I had PrepWork connected to my Google Calendar, but it also syncs with Outlook for users that keep their calendar there. In just four more easy clicks the service connects LinkedIn and Twitter. When a meeting rolls around you'll notice a message from PrepWork that outlines common LinkedIn connections, tweets, and more.

In the case when a meeting hasn't yet been set up (or if something just slips your calendar), you can also forward along the email string to and get an email returned to you in seconds with information about each participant in the thread.

What's nice is that people who use the tool don't have to worry about baby photos or Facebook albums featuring New Year's Eve regrets. Founder Dan Wolchonok is conscious about what's business-related and what's not, so Facebook doesn't play into the equation at all.

"The core of PrepWork is what are the common interests that align any two people? The intelligence behind this is what I’m interested in—-and I’m so excited to see where that leads me,” Wolchonok says about the business. We're excited too, and hope that PrepWork helps you get to the core of what your business prospects care about most.

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