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5 Best Presentation Tools For the Cloud

March 7th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Presentation Agency, Sales Presentations, Slide Management

Cloud Computing

Anyone familiar with the toils of transferring presentations from one computer from another understands the lure of a cloud-based presentation tool. Virtual storage makes for increased flexibility and fewer sync nightmares, which could be why more than 25 percent of the existing desktop presentation users have extended their presentation management toolbox to include some kind of cloud-based solution. The five PowerPoint and Keynote alternatives below (presented in no particular order) lead the pack today, but not every presentation tool is a perfect match for everyone. Check out the guide below for a rundown of the top cloud-based presentation applications.

Alpha Slides

Alpha Slides promises to end presentation fail with its cross platform, cloud-based presentation tool for just about every smart phone you can name. Presenters upload presentations to the free service for later retrieval and instant mobile pitches. Alpha Slides’ most attractive feature is the ability to share presentations so audience members can follow along on their own mobile devices, but the fact that the service is limited to PDF file formats can limit the most advanced presenters.


Though this presentation tool is designed specifically for enterprise use, clients of CustomShow reap the benefits of a highly experienced presentation and design agency that collaborates easily with all kinds of companies. The CustomShow presentation application works on everything from laptops to iPads, but what makes this tool unique is its ability to operate both locally and in the cloud. This gives teams the luxury of cloud-based presentation tools without the dread of losing a network connection in the field.


SlideRocket is a popular presentation application with easy browser editing capabilities and a usability that isn’t too far a cry from something like Keynote or PowerPoint. The browser-based application is smooth, good-looking, and easy to set up, but like some of the other solutions on this list, if you end up in a situation where the network cuts out your presentation could easily fail you.

The Pi.tch

Highly respected web guru Faruk Ateş recently dipped his toes into the pool of cloud-based presentation tools with The Pitch. The browser-based solution is in beta at the moment so it’s difficult to outline the pros and cons (except, perhaps, that you can’t get your hands on it immediately), but if the narrative and slide layout combined with smooth keystroke shortcuts is any indication, this is a presentation tool well worth watching.


Prezi abandons standard slides in exchange for a single moving canvas in the cloud. Many gush over the fast-moving solution, but for every person you find raving about Prezi you’ll find another who despises the thought very thought of it. It’s easy to give Prezi presentations fairly impressive slide transitions, but the drama of a single clicker hiccup can wreak havoc on the flow of a presentation.

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    Great article. Another option is deploying on premise RHUB online conferencing appliance in order to conduct webinars, online presentations, online trainings, online meetings, web conferences etc.

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