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Featured Sales Tool: PrepWork

January 6th, 2013 · Sales Presentations

Sales Graphics recommends PrepWork Sales Tool

Here at Sales Graphics we spend most of our time talking to sales teams and thinking about building a presentation tool that help companies grow year after year.

That's why when we spotted PrepWork we decided to spread the word. This free online startup takes frantic last-minute Googling out of the equation when it comes to meeting people for the first time. Whether it's a new prospect or a peer at a conference, all you have to do to get prepared is check your email.

PrepWork gathers information about the people on your agenda so you know not just what you're talking about, but who you're talking to. All it takes is a quick signup, a few profile connections, and the service works for you in the background.

In just two clicks I had PrepWork connected to my Google Calendar, but it also syncs with Outlook for users that keep their calendar there. In just four more easy clicks the service connects LinkedIn and Twitter. When a meeting rolls around you'll notice a message from PrepWork that outlines common LinkedIn connections, tweets, and more.

In the case when a meeting hasn't yet been set up (or if something just slips your calendar), you can also forward along the email string to and get an email returned to you in seconds with information about each participant in the thread.

What's nice is that people who use the tool don't have to worry about baby photos or Facebook albums featuring New Year's Eve regrets. Founder Dan Wolchonok is conscious about what's business-related and what's not, so Facebook doesn't play into the equation at all.

"The core of PrepWork is what are the common interests that align any two people? The intelligence behind this is what I’m interested in—-and I’m so excited to see where that leads me,” Wolchonok says about the business. We're excited too, and hope that PrepWork helps you get to the core of what your business prospects care about most.

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Sales Graphics Wishes You a Happy Holiday

December 24th, 2012 · Presentation Agency

As 2012 draws to a close, Sales Graphics wishes you a happy holiday. May the happiness of the season be with you throughout the coming year.

Sales Graphics Holiday Card

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Four Technologies Every Sales Rep Should Master in 2013

December 2nd, 2012 · Presentation Effectiveness, Sales Presentations

Sales Technology

Life for the modern sales rep isn’t getting any slower. Prospects are busier than ever, emails stream in nonstop, and reps are expected to connect with everyone everywhere. Here’s how to put your sales team on top with the coming new year.

Tame Your Inbox and Leave Room for the Important Stuff

Did you know that the average office worker checks their email 36 times every hour? We spend 23 percent of our workday day managing email, and as quickly as emails are deleted a couple new messages pile in.

A series of startups are cropping up to try to destroy the burden of email overload. rolls all those newsletters and halfway useful subscriptions a single organized overview you only have to check once per day. This clears up space for the more important emails.

Another service designed to help people fly through email is Gander. This reorganized email view divides everything into categories so emailers can, as Gander says “put meeting requests ahead of cat videos.” Both solutions are simple to use, as well as major simplifiers so you have more time to close deals.

Deploy Tablets Across Your Organization

Everyone is busy these days, which means every second with a client is mission critical. The immediacy of the iPad is a perfect way to steal someone away in an instant, and the cinematic quality of the display is an excellent way to keep them intrigued. With information on demand and the immediate ability to sync updates throughout your company, CustomShow is an excellent app designed to help businesses close more deals. Sales teams can also take advantage of some of the features offered in this article designed to help sales reps utilize the iPad, including geolocation and productivity benefits.

Use Online Meetings to Showcase Your Product in its Best Light

Webcasts and online meeting software has become integral to almost every sales rep, but is your sales team using a software or web app that showcases the true appeal of your product or service? As web connection speeds improve and video explodes, poor meeting solutions just won’t cut it. That’s why in 2010 we created a web meeting feature in Custom Show.

Today we offer our clients HD video, full-screen transitions, and all the visuals needed to deliver a web meeting worth remembering. On the admin side we make delivery easy with the ability to integrate multiple presentations in one meeting and preview slides before they hit the viewers’ screen. This is the perfect opportunity to hit your prospects with a web meeting that looks as polished and powerful as your company’s advertising.

Get in Touch with the Right Prospects on LinkedIn

For a long time LinkedIn was the half-remembered, third-place social network behind Facebook and Twitter. Lately the business-focused social network has been serious about improvements. InMail is only getting stronger as LinkedIn experiences steady growth, and groups are a great place to talk shop or jump on relevant conversations with potential clients. The social network’s company pages are also more effective than ever. Take the new “People Also Viewed” section in the sidebar of company pages, for example. This is an excellent way to track who might be clocking in as a tight competitor in your arena.

Listen for Buy-Signals with Twitter

Twitter is more relevant than ever. The quick-burst social network is seeing faster growth than Facebook, which makes it a perfect place to follow prospects, tune in on competitors, and listen for buy-signals. Jump on the network and get to work, because Twitter could very well mean your next sale.

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Every Time You Make a PowerPoint…

November 9th, 2012 · Presentation Agency

We’ll leave the punchline to this joke on the last slide of the presentation above, because this is one slideshow well worth going through. Bob Lisbonne, the presentation’s creator, has some important things to say about the increasingly visual culture we mentioned last week.

In our previous post we posited that strong visuals surround us now more than ever. Effective imagery captures people’s attention and holds it, which is why businesses need to work hard to stand out. The slideshow above explains that clearly, and offers a few facts that blow us away:

  • 10% of all the photos ever were taken in the past 12 months.
  • In 2011 we took 80 billion photos (that’s 255 for every person on earth). In 2015 we’re expected to take 105 billion (or 322 images per person).
  • Users spend 6 seconds more per image when they are interactive.

Is your company equipped for the increasingly visual world? Tell us if images mean more to your company now than they did five years ago in the comments below.

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Presentation Visuals Mean More To Your Business Than Ever Before

November 4th, 2012 · Presentation Effectiveness, Storytelling

If you or someone you know is a social media user, you may have noticed that social media has become increasingly visual. Instagram is reeling in users, Facebook milestone images are spanning the width of entire profiles, and Pinterest-style grids are debuting on an inordinately high number of new websites. Welcome to the dawn of the “imagesphere,” the age where visuals rule all. From a consumer perspective this might mean more time snapping stills, but for companies strong imagery is increasingly integral to standing out.

In the early days of text-heavy html it was easy to get away with a sloppy PowerPoint. Consumers didn’t expect much, and before Steve Jobs computers didn’t even have the power to display stunning visuals. Today the consumer is always a few clicks away from fine imagery and curated collections. The infographic below explains how these visuals are earning the attention of consumers on the web. Strong imagery results in more page views, more time spent on site, and increased attention. We believe that same truth applies in the presentation world.

It doesn’t take research to show that a poorly constructed PowerPoint is a snooze, but it might be worth considering another metric. More than 50% of web users surveyed for the infographic below claim that strong imagery increases the likelihood that they will give extra consideration to or actually reach out and contact a business.

In a world where strong visuals mean so much, good communications branding is more important than ever. That’s why we focus on making your presentation materials look as good (if not better than) your advertising collateral. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the work we did for AMC here.

Images Infographic

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